The way to choose the baby carrier

Baby carriers on the market more types of functions similar, such as Hengbao allow 0-4 months baby in the mother reclining chest, a bit like feeding posture; former hold type is suitable for 4-12 months baby, this position can either let the baby facing her mother, but also can let your baby facing outwards like a kangaroo, easy to broaden their horizons.

The same time Hold due to the different ways there are dedicated, dual-purpose, three other multi-purpose strap, a wide range, but can vary during limited by weight babies.So selecting the ergo baby infant insert,first of chooosing the waist stool.Waist stool generally six months after the baby can be used. Need to go a long way to go when you use or hold back stool infant, the mother will be more relaxed. Using the center of gravity will be in the waist, you can lighten the burden on the waist. But it will increase the burden on the shoulder, not as hold infant safety belt.

And when using them each time ,it is not good to use long time.ergo baby carrier sale 2013 only as an adjunct, usually in the travel inconvenience or too busy Teng does not open when the use of the hand, and each successive use of time should not exceed 2 hours. Again, you need the proper use of infant carrier or sling should not be achieved not only practical, but will result in the baby muscle or bone injuries, which harm than good.Babycarrier is a serect weapon what can libreate parents hands in care of children.Let the weight of the baby transferred from hands to shoulders, hands and transferred to the pressure from the feet, allowing parents to hold the baby while his hands are also able to do other things.The elements with practiceal and comfortable are the first consderation when parents to choose them.The most suitable time to go out or doing housework to use, so that parents hands free while the baby is still able to comfortably in their own side.

The usage and attentions of baby carriers

As for how to use the baby carrier,here are some usages:first of all is that in the waist fastening ergo baby carrier, such as don’t feel convenient, fasten the back waist again in front;then,straight picked up the baby and let her lean on your shoulder, one hand on her head.Also pull up bag bag, let the baby’s legs through the holes in the pocket bag – is usually open pocket bag, not to pull the baby’s legs.With one hand to pull the straps on your shoulders, and on the other hand has been under the weight of the baby.when you just sit still. The weight of the baby gradually falls to the straps.When you forward, one hand on the baby’s head is generally, because the bracket is not enough to support heavy head.

And when using it,it’s also important to take more attentions on it.ergo baby infant insert is used for 2-8 months infants, the baby is too small, the neck muscles has yet to mature, temporarily do not use;in order to baby comfortable, lactation after about 30 minutes before baby slings should be used;do not use bleach and strong detergent when washing, avoid residue stimulate baby’s skin;baby is small, that is, it is best to use within six months infant and mother face-to-face method when baby is bigger, more than six months or more, you can use the baby back to mother’s face on the back;before using a baby carrier, please check whether plastic buckle is firm.